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The mooZzz Story

mooZzz Brand Story

Why choose mooZzz

We are dedicated to making quality beds, sofas and bedding accessories that suit you and your home. Our products promise to beautify your home and provide you with the comfy rest that you deserve.

Space Savvy

Make room for more important things in your life. Having a clean and uncluttered space can be effortless with mooZzz space-saving products. Be it hosting get-togethers or playdates, we design to support your connections in your day-to-day interactions with friends and family. When you free up your space, you free up your mind for the better things in life.

Colour Therapy

Happiness comes in different shades and tones. This is why colour therapy has the power to uplift your mood and let positive vibes into your home. At mooZzz, we tap into the optimal use of colours in our designs to bring warmth and calmness into your life. Improve your sense of well-being when you make a conscious color choice in creating your happy place.

Brand Colours

Neutrality, Balance, Peace, Wisdom, Elegance
Compassion, Playfulness, Love, Hope, Happiness
Balance, Harmony, Rest, Nature, Healing
Serenity, Restfulness, Wholeness, Tranquility, Patience


Thoughtful designs can help to bring people together. mooZzz combines smart technology and the clever use of space to create highly versatile products that readily adapt to your lifestyle and setting. Whether you have a large communal area or a small cosy corner, enjoy the flexibility of refreshing your look whenever you want.