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DeRUCCI, founded in 2004, is an enterprise-centric developer of bedding designs backed by healthy sleep research. As the integrator of global healthy sleep resources and the pioneer of ergonomic sleep systems, we have consistently adhered to the concept of healthy sleep and practiced the mission of helping people sleep better. As a high-end bedding brand with an industrial chain across the globe, we are committed to bringing the culture of healthy sleep to every corner of the world, and making unremitting efforts to bring healthy sleep to everyone.
The ownership and management is dedicated to the global integration of the latest sleep technology and world-class designs. DeRUCCI has collaborated with world prestigious corporations such as Italy’s Technogel, Salvadori, Belgium’s Rako, Artilat N.V, Germany’s Otten, Muller textile, Switzerland’s DOC etc. We have partnered with designers from Italy, England and France to build the design centre in Italy Milano. Our joint project with the University of Louvain resulted in the creation of the most advanced active auto-fit bed DeRUCCI T7.
Through international cooperation, DeRUCCI aims to apply world advanced bedding manufacturing materials and technology to every product in its vast manufacturing network. Boasting 5 million square feet of world class production facilities in China, Australia, Malaysia and North America, our brand currently offers 9 collections of mixed products, including a youth collection. Having such a wide range of products allows us to meet the varied design demands of a global market.

DeRUCCI operates more than 4800 retail showrooms in USA, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, Hongkong, India, Singapore and China. With a revenue of $700 million annually, DeRUCCI has become a dominant global player in the high-end bedding & bedroom furniture industry.