Why Invest In A High Quality Mattress?

Buying a new mattress typically coincides with monumental events of life, such as, the first BTO or a new addition to the family. At such times, resources tend to be stretched and a more budget-conscious mattress will appeal to many a consumer. This is a common mistake that could easily end up costing you more in the long run!

Constructing a quality mattress requires huge attention to detail – from initial conceptualisation and creative sketch, to sourcing out the finest organic cotton or latex. Ensuring that the materials and product design are patterned to best target pressure points, and seamlessly integrating everything together, takes heart and unending devotion to the craft.

Whether you are a new homeowner buying a new mattress or looking around in the market for an upgrade, you (and your back) will benefit from choosing a quality one. Here’s why.

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. If we live till 85, that would mean slightly under 30 years spent under the covers! Viewed from such a perspective, a decision on whether to skimp or splurge on a mattress is no longer a trivial one anymore – indeed, the implications of purchasing a low-quality one are severe.
The shorter-term effects of buying a low-quality mattress include back pain and a stiff neck. These usually appear as tell-tale signs that the sufferer has a lack of support from the mattress. Is his or her weight evenly distributed across the bed? Does the mattress design or type spring suit the position (side, back or stomach) of the sleeper? Is the foam made with sufficient density to prevent sinking of the mattress?

All these factors, if ignored, will contribute to poor sleep. The short-term symptoms of back and neck aches will quickly morph into more severe health issues and compound into other aspects of life.

Someone with a stiff neck may find it more difficult to fall asleep at night and begin suffering from insomnia. This seeps into his performance at work and increases his risk to a multitude of health diseases such as diabetes. It is a cyclical effect.

In recent times, countless research has been poured into the science of sleep, translating this field into a wealth of newfound knowledge ready to be tapped on. The industry as a whole is now able to build better beds, backed by science.

Mattress International is a member of the International Sleep Products Association, granting us access to exclusive, up-to-date resources and research on sleep. We are devoted to intensive research and development, incorporating sleep technology to design and craft quality mattresses. Drop us an enquiry to discuss the best mattress for your needs today!