Which is better: Firm mattress or Soft mattress for people with back problems?

Contrary to many belief that a firm mattress is good for the back support, too firm a mattress will result in further back pain due to poor pressure relieving. However too soft a mattress would not provide proper support for individuals with back pain.

For individuals with back problems, we would recommend using medium-firm mattresses. Recent study by sleep experts found that the amount of support a mattress can give is more important than the firmness of the mattress.

However, finding the right mattress is all about your personal habits and preferences. Knowing what you want rather than what others are getting is the smarter choice.

What are the standard sizes?

The following are standard Asian sizes:

Asian Sizes Length (cm) Height (cm)
Single 190 91
Super Single 190 107
Queen 190 152
King 190 182

Do note that there is no standard mattress thickness!

Which is brand/mattress is the best?

There is no such thing as a best brand or best mattress. Every brand of mattress has its own selling point.

What is natural latex?

Natural latex is a milky white liquid which composes of rubber particles dispersed in water. The material is whipped with air to form foam to be used for bedding. It is an inherently hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant product. It is able to remove body moisture and keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Latex is also known to last for 20-30 years and is less prone to sagging.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam is also known as visco-elastic foam. It is polyurethane foam added with additional chemicals to increase its viscosity and density. Memory foam reacts to body heat and it is able to mould to the exact contours a warm human body within few minutes. It is more pressure relieving compared to ordinary polyurethane foam and spring mattresses.

What is bonnell spring?

Bonnell spring is an open coil unit whereby all springs are connected together. It is usually firmer in tension and is relatively cheaper due to low manufacturing cost.

What is pocketed spring?

Pocketed spring are springs that are individually wrapped in fabric. Pocketed springs work independently and are well known for its conformability to one’s individual contour and also it’s unique ‘no disturbance’ design. It is generally softer when compared to bonnell springs.



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