The Sleep Miracle From Nature – FORREST™ Amethyst

The most powerful crystal that helps you sleep better

Amethyst has been a coveted element for civilizations past and present. Along with its sparkling charm, energy emitted by the Amethyst is one of the most effective and natural wonders in the world renowned to protect against all the negative elements of daily life.

Begin the transformation...

Amethysts have two inherent qualities that are responsible for its benefits. These are ‘far infrared radiation’ and ‘negative ion emission’. These astounding power gems produce, and are capable of creating an exchange of tiny, noticeable, magnetic field of energy with one’s physical being.

Through this exchange, it can help you replenish your lost energy, feeling more uplifted, promoting self-assurance and confidence.

New FORREST™ Amethyst mattress collection

Through an innovative microencapsulated technology, and in partnership with Boyteks. MaxCoil launches the New FORREST Amethyst mattress collection featuring miraculous properties of the power gem to improve quality of life by maximising sleep quality.

Intrinsically synonymous with the MaxCoil brand, this collection also features the revolutionary Swiss Sanitized® Actifresh technology. This treatment process assures that all mattresses are refreshed, providing a hygienic sleep environment that is clean and safe.







Negative ion technology


Engineering your best sleep

Feel the transformation...

The new MaxCoil FORREST Amethyst collection features a detailed layer-on-layer of luxurious padding, engineered to complement the individually wrapped pocketed spring system to deliver a perfect balance of support and amazing comfort.

FORREST™ Amethyst III - Elevated comfort for the ultimate luxurious sleep

Amethyst III is engineered with a plush layer upon layer of Belgium natural latex and MaxCoil memory foam for the ultimate luxurious sleep experience. Indulge in a balance of push-back hug and contour most sleepers will enjoy, bridging the gap between light and heavy sleepers, creating a consistent feel regardless of your sleeping preference.

FORREST™ Amethyst II - Cushioning support for snug comfort

Amethyst II is engineered to deliver a cushioning support for those who prefer a plush and snug comfort in their sleeping experience. Belgium natural latex together with MaxCoil’s Fusion Flow Foam offer better air circulation by dissipating heat to deliver a unique balance of soft comfort and optimal back support. The Enhanced Edge Support System further provides a stable sleep surface to minimise motion transfer for a blissful night’s sleep.

FORREST™ Amethyst I - medium firm for optimal back support

Amethyst I is engineered to deliver a medium firm feel for those who prefer a firmer back support, while an infusion of memory foam offers you the benefits of a snug feel as it envelopes to the contour of your body. With the combination of MaxCoil’s Nested Encapsulated Coil system, it provides an all-over even support to relieve pressure points for an undisturbed and peaceful night’s sleep.

FORREST™ Amethyst Collection

Amethyst I
Plush Top
Medium firmness providing optimal back support.
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Amethyst II
Pillow Top
Cushioning support for snug comfort.
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Amethyst III
Double Pillow Top
Elevated comfort with natural latex and memory foam for the ultimate luxury sleep.
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Amethyst I
Amethyst II
Amethyst III
Base Support Individual Barrel Pocketed Spring
Edge Support Border Guard
Top Layer Plush Top
Pillow Top
Double Pillow Top
Comfort Layer Natural Latex
Memory Foam
Comfort Level Soft
Medium Soft
Medium Firm

Available in Single, Super Single, Queen and King sizes.



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