Going through a nagging backache can be a real pain in the… BACK.

It is common for back pain to be the cause of an absenteeism from work to seek medical intervention. In some cases, it is physically and emotionally crippling.

Injury, physical activity, or certain medical conditions may cause back pain. It is possible to develop back pain at any age and for a varied number of reasons. As people age, they are more likely to develop degenerative disk disease and their previous occupations have been found to aggravate the condition.

Lower back pain is commonly caused by lumbar spine, spinal ligaments, discs between the vertebrae, spinal nerves, lower back muscles, and some medical conditions.

Signs of a Bad Back
Back pain is most often characterized by an ache or pain in the back, and sometimes even in the buttocks and legs. The nerves affected by back pain can cause pain to spread throughout the body. Most people will not need any treatment for back pain as they tend to go away with home remedies or time. However, do seek immediate medical attention if you are experiencing one of the following:

● weight loss
● persistent fever
● constant back pain that is not eased with lying down
● pain that radiates down the legs
● pain that spreads below the knees
● inflammation or swelling in the back
● a recent injury or trauma in the back
● urinary incontinence
● numbness around the genitals, anus or buttocks
● loss of bowel control

Back pain is rarely a sign of a serious medical condition.

The Culprit
In many instances, mattresses are the cause of our persistent back pain. Which makes sense since we spent one third of our day in bed and even more these days as some have taken to working in the bed whilst working from home. In a medical study, it was concluded that “the comfort and support of the sleep surface are related to problems of sleep quality and efficiency. Certain sleep surfaces have resulted in complaints of low back discomfort, pain, or stiffness and shoulder pain.”

Yes, a wrong mattress can definitely wreck havoc on your back. Mattresses play a crucial role in improving our sleep quality and affecting our moods the next morning. The spine can lose its natural alignment over time if you sleep on the wrong mattress and strain the muscles, leading to back pain. Conversely, supportive mattresses prevent back pain and help maintain a neutral spine position. Choice of the right mattress is a delicate science as the sleeping surface needs to be compatible with your sleeping habits and body curves. Without understanding the importance of this correlation, many continue to experience chronic back pain, in addition to pain in their necks and shoulders.

Find Out If Your Mattress Is The Bane Of Your Back Problems
Here’s a self checklist to find out:

1. Can’t Sleep In Peace
The quality of your sleep is determined by your mattress. Whether your current mattress is right for you is determined by how well you sleep on it.

2. Impossibly Tired
The quality of the mattress directly impacts how you feel upon waking up. You should check your mattress if you are feeling fatigued or have back pain even after 8 hours of sleep.

3. Sadly Sagging
In the opinion of sleep therapists, an old lumpy mattress often causes chronic back pain. Make sure your mattress doesn't sag, especially in the middle since it's quite detrimental to your spine.

4. Oh! What A Morning
A mattress and your sleeping position may be to blame if you experience back pain every morning after waking up. It's not uncommon to wake up with back pain after sleeping on an old mattress or a mattress that is too soft.

5. Sinking Into It
Failure to maintain a neutral spinal position could be the cause of your back aches if you feel yourself sinking into your mattress.

6. Tossing & Turning
If you experience restless sleep, it's most likely due to an uncomfortable mattress. Inability to find a comfortable sleeping position can cause you to toss and turn continuously, resulting in chronic back pain.

7. Past “Expiry” Date
A mattress should be replaced every 7-8 years, according to sleep therapists. Mattresses are prone to wear out over time. We also lose bone density as we age, lose weight, and change our sleeping habits. It is imperative that the mattress is replaced with another that is able to support your sleep pattern.

8. Sleep Disturbances
A person's sleeping environment can have a direct impact on their sleep quality. Having an uninterrupted sleep is made possible by your mattress, which is the foundation of a well rested sleep.

MaxCoil Back Support. You’ve Got Your Back.
The Back Essential Collection and Classic Back Saviour contours and cushions while supporting natural spine alignment to relieve pressure points. With these incredible collections, you can help combat lumbar (and other back-pain) problems. Intricately crafted multi-layers have been constructed to maintain a healthy back posture all night long when using the MaxCoil Back Essential Collection.

New MaxCoil Back Essential Collection
Designed to cater to individual and varying needs, Back Essential Collection is available in 3 levels of comfort. A firm reclining position is ideal for those who sleep on their backs or stomachs, while a medium soft reclining position is ideal for those who sleep on their sides.

MaxCoil Back Essential Glow is generally recommended as the best option for back support. The combination of a natural Belgian latex top layer, memory foam and individual barrel spring system is perfect for people who experience back pain. The natural material of the cover helps create an added layer of plush comfort that is suitable for those suffering from lower back pain.

Fix an appointment to experience the beginning of a good night's sleep.
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